Unknown Machinery Health?

Easy Machinery Health Integration

Enter the number of critical machines to be monitored, as well as the number of vibration sensors per machine. Select the data types accessible to operators: overall vibration values, machine system health feedback, peak & phase parameters, and dynamically linked alarms between the machinery monitoring and process control systems. The AMS Suite's easy integration reduces machinery health monitoring tasks from weeks to just minutes to increase visibility and reduce unplanned shutdowns.


  • Each machine of 24 sensors will require 1000 steps for each data type and takes 13.5 hours to complete
  • HMI graphics will take 80 hours to develop for the first machine and 40 hours for each subsequent machine


  • ((Machines * Sensors * 13.5hr / 24 Sensors) Selected Data Types) + (80 hr + (40hr * (Machines - 1)))